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Heighington Tuesdays 2020

CLIMATE CHANGE — Words or actions? — caring for our planet and its people.

St Michael's, Heighington, discussion group have decided to spend six sessions looking at the problems facing our world as a result of climate change and other issues. Discussions will be based on a new book "Saying Yes to Life" by Ruth Valerio. Each session will be based on one of the six creation topics covered in Genesis chapter one and look at how this should affect our attitudes and actions in the light of the challenges facing our planet and its people at the current time.

For example, session one covers the creation of darkness and light, particularly majoring on light. This leads into issues surrounding our need for light and the production of light (eg via electricity) and its availability or not, depending on where you live. How do we produce light to make life easier for all in our world whilst protecting the future of our planet which can be damaged by the production process?

In advance of each session a paper will be available showing which verses in Genesis are being covered and listing the suggested questions for discussion. The format of each session will include an introductory synopsis of the content of the particular chapter of the book followed by a discussion on the issues raised. Each session will be stand-alone so if you miss one it doesn't matter. If you are concerned about the future of our planet and its people just come to whatever sessions you can manage.

We would love to see everyone who is challenged by the situation in our world today join us for these discussions/actions. You may purchase the book if you wish and I am willing to order one for you — the cost is £7.99. But there will be no necessity to buy it unless you want to read it for yourself.

We shall meet on Tuesdays at the home of Andrew and Pat at 10am for coffee followed by the session with discussions introduced & led by Graham & Sheelah and Andrew, finish by 11.30am.

Session 1: 11th February — Let there be light
Session 2: 25th February — Let the waters be separated
Session 3: 10th March — Let the land produce vegetation
Session 4: 24th March — Let there be lights in the sky
Session 5: 21st April — Let the waters teem with living creatures and let birds fly.
Session 6: 12th May — Let the land produce living creatures and let us make humankind in our image

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