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Fresh drinking water is essential to human life; to healthy human life.

Water is also vital for growing crops and the production of goods and clothing.

1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water and a further 2.7 billion suffer from water scarcity.

Two thirds of the world's population live under conditions of severe water scarcity at some time during the year.


People have to walk miles, often in searing heat to collect water, taking hours out of their day. Often the water is "dirty water" polluted by mining, farming and industrial processes pouring chemicals into the rivers. Dysentery and cholera often bring about death.

We are so used to just turning on the tap and clean water flows freely but should we not be sparing a thought for the billions of people throughout the world who do not have such a luxury. Can we think about over use and waste of water which has been identified as an area of concern? This Lent can we focus on the effects lack of water has on so many people throughout the world. This Lent can we be conscious of water scarcity and wherever possible play a small part in saving water.

I know we have had plenty of rainfall recently but climate change is and will affect all of us. How we use water in our homes sparingly, can be a prayer for all those suffering from lack of clean water. Did you know by reducing your shower time by 4 minutes can save 4000 gallons of water annually? We are all guilty of washing our hands and cleaning our teeth under running water ---- being wasteful of such a valuable resource.

Let us this Lent take small steps in saving water as a prayerful way of showing our solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves.

More information about water scarcity throughout the world can be
found on the internet with Christian Aid, Cafod and Water Aid.

Marion (social responsibility)

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